A high level overview of how to create a search application with Amazon CloudSearch

In this article, I will demonstrate how to build a simple search application using AWS CloudSearch.

Let’s briefly go over these two topics before getting into the more technical details.

What is Amazon CloudSearch?

Amazon CloudSearch is a fully managed cloud service that’s easy to set up. It can search massive collections of information such as web pages, documents, forum posts without worrying about setting up hardware or maintenance. It also scales automatically if your application experiences a change in the amount of traffic.

Some of the features available for Amazon CloudSearch:

  • Full-text searching with language-specific text processing
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Customizable relevance ranking and query-time rank expressions
  • Boolean search
  • Geospatial search
  • Highlighting
  • Support for 34 languages

How do search engines work?

Search Engines provide three primary functions.

  1. Crawling

The process in which search engines discover and find new content, such as web pages, images, and other types of media and documents.

2. Indexing

When a search engine finds new content, the information’s stored in an index, a database of all discovered content, and then determines if it is worth providing to users.

3. Ranking

Search engines order results by relevance, and the higher the ranking means that the search engine believes that the content is more relevant.

AWS Architecture

How to create and configure a search domain.

Navigate to CloudSearch and Click on Create a new search domain.

Region: N. Virginia

Service: CloudSearch

Search Domain Name | Desired Instance Type | Desired Replication Count
Upload Sample JSON Data

In the image above the application will analyze the JSON file and separate them into key value pairs

Current Policy

Wait for the search application status to change to ACTIVE

Sample Search Endpoint

As you can tell, it’s very simple to provision resources to create a search application. I’ve included more details in the link provided at the conclusion of this article.

How to upload sample JSON data you want to search for in your domain.

Cloud Search Dashboard with test-search-application Status
Upload a sample JSON file

This may seem a bit confusing at first but hopefully it makes much more sense at the end of this article. Make a note of the Search Endpoint as we’ll be using this later on when testing the search application.

How to test your Search Application.

Once everything has been setup it’s time to test the search application.

Search Field to test search application
Returned Searched Query

The Search Application performed an analysis in the previous steps and created key value pairs using the information provided in the JSON file. You can also use other files such as CSV.

Using the search endpoint from How to upload sample JSON data you want to search for in your domain, you can perform a search query like the one below.

Sample Response JSON data

Although the information I’ve provided doesn’t go into too much detail I still hope you will find it useful at a high level. You can also refer to the links below for more in depth research.






Short stories about my journey in Information Security | Penetration Testing and perspective of a Neuro Divergent Hacker.

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Short stories about my journey in Information Security | Penetration Testing and perspective of a Neuro Divergent Hacker.

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