Rants from a Security Researcher

If there’s one thing that really annoys me it’s the crappy interface I get dropped into when opening up Immunity Debugger. The GUI looks intimidating at first, especially when you’re just getting started with this tool.

One of the things I do first is to adjust some settings to make it less intimidating (hopefully, for you as well) and much more pleasant to look at during debugging.

I hope someone besides myself finds this useful. Maybe one of my kids, since the cat is pretty useless. Besides emotional support of course.

Immunity Debugger — Final Setup

My very basic setup consists of the following, tune it to your liking.

From the OPTIONS tab click on fonts; set the pixel size to +2; select Lucinda Console with a font-size of 12 and apply the new settings.

Then right click in any of the windows in the debugger; select appearance; select colors and then set it to Dave’s black.

Options > Fonts > Set Pixels > Change Font
Right-click > Select Colors (all) > Select Dave’s black



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Short stories about my journey in Information Security | Penetration Testing and perspective of a Neuro Divergent Hacker.