Web Application Penetration Testing

Practical XSS Lab 1

As a part of my weekly updates for my blog: I’m a Web Application Penetration Testing — Intern, I wanted to start demonstrating the practical aspects of the internship. I’m not going to dive deep into the details but rather showcase some of the things I’ve learned throughout my 10-week internship with Hacktify Cybersecurity.

Lab 1

The following is the main application page. During enumeration, I was able to identify two injection points; the search query input field and the other in the URL search bar.

So let’s take a closer look at and further test the application.

Main Page

I submitted a test string and got the following reflection back. You can see the captured request in Burp as well

Form Submission
Capture Request in BurpSuite
Developer Tools

The Payloads

I used two different payloads to demonstrate how this attack works.

One for the search input field.


And a URL encoded payload for the URL bar.


Proof of Concept


Sample Report Writing

Since I’m still working hard to produce some quality reports, I want to share what I currently have in the works with the community.

Reflected XSS payloads can also be crafted into more complex techniques, such as capturing user input and sending them back to an attacker-controlled server.



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